Moving to a new area takes a lot of planning and coordination. When moving to the North Shore, it’s important to have a few zip codes or towns in mind that you’d like to find a home in. For those who have kids under the age of 18, sometimes all it takes to find a good place to live in is researching for the best schools in the area.

Here’s how to choose the best school for your child.

  • Find the best fit. Decide what you want your child to learn and determine how they learn best as well as their social needs. This will help you narrow down whether your child should go to a public, private, charter or special needs school.
  • Research scores. It’s time to analyze a bunch of data! Go online and look at test scores of all surrounding area schools. Looking at ratings for each school based on parent, student and teacher review is also important. For high schools, make sure you find a school with a high graduation rate for seniors.
  • List desired features. Sometimes it’s not enough to settle with a school that just guarantees a high graduation rate. Don’t forget to look at other features; do they offer plenty of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs and support groups?
  • Schedule a visit. As soon as you’ve come up with a shortlist of schools in the North Shore area, round up your kids and schedule a visit. Meet with the principal, a guidance counselor, and a few teachers in academic areas your kids are interested in.
  • Ask plenty of questions. During your visits, be sure to ask how each school’s teachers are trained, how the school handles behavioral problems, the workload for students and academic expectations.

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