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As the leading real estate company on the north shore of Massachusetts, we are proud to serve the city of Reading, Massachusetts with our services for many years. Residents are always looking to buy or sell a home in Reading, and we have the best agents in the area who knows the town and can deliver the results that you are looking for.

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Buying a home in Reading MA:

Whether you are first or fifth time home buyer, the process is never easy to handle. Having an agent from the start will help ease the stress and will allow your home buying process go as smooth as possible. We have dealt with many clients who feel they do not need an agent and fall into a predicament mid-way because of lack of preparation. Don’t fall into this trap and get in touch with our agents today at 978-664-1300 for a free consultation!

Selling a home in Reading MA:

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much is my house worth and how long will it take to sell my home? To be honest, it is hard to tell how much is your home worth as each season fluctuates. Selling a home takes time, there are so many preparations you need to consider first before getting started. For more information, please check our FAQ blog or get in contact today at 978-664-1300.tel: 978-664-1300

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