Winter can be a challenging time to sell your home; however, according to Redfin’s data, average sellers net more above asking price between December and March than they do from June-November. The fewer homes on the market, the more yours will get more attention. To make your house stand out from the rest, here are, some tips prepare and stage your home for success.

  1. Make an extra effort with curb appealYour home appearance during the winter is just as important as any other season. If there is snow on the ground, try to clear a path so visitors can visibly see the architectural structure of the home. If it’s raining, put a rubber mat on the front door or a container to hold wet umbrellas and shoes. Making home adjustments for prospective buyers will go a long way.
  2. Create a mood. You want your visitors to feel comfortable as soon as they step into the house. Set the mood by playing soothing jazz or classical music in the background to uplift the atmosphere.
  3. Decorate for the holidays. If buyers are looking for your home during the holiday season, adding warm and welcoming decorations will help visitors to envision themselves living in the home rather than looking at a blank canvas.
  4. Maintain exterior of the house. If you have not already started, cleaning your gutters and downspout should be at the top of your home maintenance list before the snow begins to fall. This will show visitors your gutters are fully functional to decrease any chance of water damage and further issues with home inspectors.
  5. Declutter entryways. Visitors should be able to walk around the house freely without seeing any snow or debris in the way. The more space you create, the more they can picture their belongings there instead.